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Tis the end of the hockey season.  And end of the hockey season means playoffs, tournaments and championships.  I have one more tournament coming up.  Amid my tournaments my husband’s hockey team made it through his playoffs and to the championships.  He plays in a house league locally and their championship is a best of 3.  They won their first game on Monday and the second game was this past Thursday. 

c-league warmup

It was definately an exciting game.  They were down 4-2 shortly into the 3rd period and fought their way back to a 4-4 tie.  No one scored in the overtime forcing a shootout.  Now as a goalie, I hate shootouts.  I feel like the whole game is coming down to whether I can keep the puck out and it’s no longer a team game.  Of course my husband is the exception…he loves shootouts, but then again I suppose we goalies can’t all be insane in the same way, huh? 

He was stellar.    Does this picture tell you how he did?


The Chicken Legs were very excited that his team voted him MVP for the playoffs.




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Ready to GoSo every year my hockey team goes to Brampton, ON, Canada (just west of Toronto) for the largest women’s hockey tournament hosted by the Brampton Canadettes on Easter weekend. This year I was told that there were slightly over 450 teams, mostly youth programs.

The Chicken Legs were very excited that they would get to go, they had never seen a hockey game before, let alone one this large!

We left Friday afternoon, running ahead of a snow storm which, very happily we entirely missed. Unfortunately most of our team got caught up in it and didn’t make it to Brampton until after 10 pm.

We arrived around 6:30. Our hotel room was nice, it was a suite. And as usual we had the same problems of getting they type of room we specified, but that seems to be normal when dealing with hotels overflowing with girls hockey teams all over Brampton. The Chicken Legs were impressed though.


After we checked in we (ah…I didn’t remember to tell you that “we” meant me, 3 of my team-mate that car-pooled together and of course, The Chicken Legs) found that 2 of other team-mates arrived Thursday and that Scrappy was out eating dinner at Boston Pizza. We hooked up with her and had a yummy dinner.

Unfortunately, our game schedule pretty much sucked this year. All three of our games were scheduled on Saturday. 11:15 am, 5:15 pm and 11:15 pm. Yikes!! And me being the Goalie,

Pads Pads

I was a little concerned that they’d be bring me home on a stretcher! Fortunately, we found a second goalie to take one of the games so I didn’t die of heart failure. 😯

We got to watch some fun hockey in between our games. The Chicken Legs focused on the Goalie, “Is that what you do? Wow.”

Watching the Game A Goalie

During one of our games The Chicken Legs got to spend the game on the bench.

On the Bench
Watching our GameBetween periodsBetween periods

So we played really hard all weekend and our record at the end of Saturday our record was 1-0-2. Our first game ended as a 6-0 win, the second 0-0 tie and the last 2-2 tie. And with that record we squeaked into the final! If we had lost we would have been tied with another team for second and they would have won the place in the final in the tie-breaker. So we ended up playing the same team that we tied 2-2 Sunday morning.

Unfortunately, we lost the final 3-1 but…

Second Place Medal
We still got a medal!

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Playing Nice

It’s nice to know that my kitty Taz and The Chicken Legs get along.

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On top of the Birdfeeder 

We’ve had some snow this past winter, OK a lot of snow.  And we’re not done yet.  I heard that we’re supposed to get measurable snow again this Friday.  I don’t mind the snow and it appears that The Chicken Legs don’t either…

On the walk to workDowntown

One evening after I got home from watching a hockey game, we discovered that the snow was great packing snow. We had a great time building a snowman and playing in the snow.

Snowman closeup
The Chicken Legs had fun climbing into the trees and jumping in the snow.
In the treeIn the tree


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It All Started When…

It all started in February when I decided to knit the “Which Came First?” pattern by Anna of Mochimochi Land in Craft: Volume 6. I knit all the bits and chuckled when I got to the part about “Knit the chicken parts.” Little did I know, when I finished the last bit, the legs, that they would make me laugh so much that I couldn’t finish the project because I didn’t want to give up the legs and sew them on the chicken!

Our cat K-9 was snuggled in my lap when I finished the legs and they immediately wanted to stand on his head…

On K-9's head... On K-9's head...

On K-9's head...

I’m not sure K-9 thought it was as funny as I did!

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Welcome! I am a knitter. And as I was knitting away, a pair of chicken legs stitched into my life and demanded attention. This is their story…

Chicken LegsHello Chicken Legs

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