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Free Cone Day!

Yum! Ben & Jerry’s….


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My parents were in town last week on the way to one of their Airstream Caravans. They are going on “Springtime in Kentucky” where they tour Kentucky and get to see the Kentucky Derby. They drove to my place a week before the caravan trip and we were able to see the Dalai Lama speak. There were no cameras (or much of anything, though I did manage my wood dpns and a little sock yarn for more slugs!) allowed into the building, so there are no pictures but there is a video of the lecture if anyone is interested. He has a pretty good sense of humor. 🙂

So other than the Dalai Lama, we found a few other fun things to do around town. We went to the Kiwanis Club Thrift Sale. They have it every Saturday and they have EVERYTHING. The Chicken Legs liked that little house…

I told my mom that I didn’t think I’d have to go to a retail store again if I didn’t want to!

Check out the book the Chicken Legs found…

If I didn’t already have my signed copy…

Saturday night we went to the Redford Theater to see a silent movie. Buster Keaton in the Electric House. Very Funny!

Little did we realize that it was actually the 80th birthday of the Redford and there was music, dancing, and cake along with the silent movie! We even found a little theater organ, just the right size for The Chicken Legs.

The Redford has been very nicely renovated, it has a lovely oriental theme.

We spend a day on campus going to various museums and exhibits. Two were closed , one apparently isn’t open on Mondays and the other was still being renovated. We did get to see a very nice photography exhibit called “Looks Given/Looks Taken” at the Institute of Humanities,

and had fun running around the Natural History Museum.

A dugout canoe

I thought The Chicken Legs got a little cocky at the Prehistoric Exhibit…

They seems a little awed by the Tundra Swan, but liked the other birds just fine.

Of course where we’re at, you have to stop and look at the Wolverine.

The Chicken Legs had fun exploring the Giant Clam.

My Favorite was the petrified wood.

And on a random note, we had lunch at BW3s where I found out that “mild” is really much too hot for me!

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ONline Socks

I have a pair of socks that I’ve been working on for a little while now. They are basically my bus/traveling socks. I knit them on the bus and while walking around campus. They are made from ONline 100 Tropic. I split the ball in half and swore this time I was going to do a toe-up and just knit until I run out of yarn. I’m always chickening out (no pun intended). *grin*

I’m also doing a sideways garter stitch cuff a la Lucy Neatby but reverse engineered for the toe up. The leg is getting awfully long…and I have this much yarn left:

That’s one more repeat of the blue/green sequence and one more of the yellow/brown. At this rate I’ll have to do some calf shaping and make the garter stitch cuff narrower. With the cuff right now, the socks end just below my calf muscle.

The Chicken Legs like them…

And now want a pair of their own!

The Legs are taunting me about stopping before the yarn runs out…

So I put them to work.

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Chicken Legs?



I found this on the Craft: Blog. The amazing artwork is by Stephanie Metz.

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Yarn Harlot

Friday, The Chicken Legs were very excited (not to mention nervous) to meet The Famous Traveling Sock of Yarn Harlot fame. The Yarn Harlot came into town on her latest book tour.

We got out of work a little early and walked downtown. On our walk The Chicken Legs were very happy to see some signs of spring!


We arrived at the Library where she was speaking around 4:30-4:45. (I had forgotten that they were demolishing the building across the street!) We made it just before the after work rush. The main room was about 1/2 filled when I got there and it seemed like when 5:15 rolled around we were full up and people were being sent to the overflow room upstairs. The library broadcasts upstairs on a big screen and while The Chicken Legs and I agree that it’s more desirable to be downstairs, The Chicken Legs think the chairs upstairs are much more comfortable.

Upstairs overflow roomOverflow room Waiting PatientlyWaiting downstairs

The BookWe went and bought a book while we waited and met some very nice Knitters who had very wonderful knitting.

Ypsi Yarn Pirate

This is the Tess who is the YpsiYarnPirate on Ravelry.

One of the owners of The Knitting Den was knitting this very cool Illusion Knitting. The Chicken Legs apologize for forgetting to ask if you were Susan or Bonnie!

MNBorn79 made a beautiful cardigan, these are the best picture I could get. That blue is very hard to photograph!

And this wonderful cardigan was knit by Amy, asemumma on Ravelry. That yarn is just yummy!

The Harlot was brilliant as usual. The Chicken Legs really enjoyed the talk and they wanted to give Stephanie the little slug that I knit while she was speaking in thanks for a very entertaining and lovely evening. They said there was no better way to spend a Friday evening.

After the event we walked over to Busy Hands. On the way we passed a Fairy Door ticket window, The Legs had to take a closer look.

I bought these at Busy Hands.

And The Chicken Legs were so moved by The Harlot’s talk…

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Red Wings

So we had a very pleasant surprise late in the afternoon yesterday!

I’m sure you’ve all figured out that The Chicken Legs and I are very big hockey fans and we were very excited to go to our first playoff game!

Since it was very late in the day we didn’t manage to leave until 6 pm and got to the Arena a little before 7. We needed to pick our tickets up at Will Call…

Needless to say, we missed the opening face off and actually much of the first period.

“Not that it really matters,” said The Chicken Legs, “The tickets are free and It’s the PLAYOFFS!!! What could be better?”

We saw Al the Octopus on the way in.

We were so high up we were beyond the nose-bleed seats.

Since this was the first time The Chicken Legs had been at the Joe we took a bit of a tour of the Arena.

All the pillars on the concourse have player’s pictures on them. The Chicken Legs wanted their picture taken with a favorite player, Chris Osgood.

We saw the Gordie Howe Statue at the main enterance

This was my favorite mural…

Al the Octopus, chocolate chip cookies (mmm, chocolate) and The Chicken Legs. What more could you want?

We really enjoyed watching the game.

Flying RefI love the “Flying Ref” on the right of the above picture, who looks like he’s going to alight on a wire.

And the very best part of the game?

We Won.

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Of course…

I recently bought a yummy Land’s End sweater at a thrift store. It had a few moth holes in it and once I fixed it. I washed it using that Eucalan Wool Wash (nice stuff, that.) laid it flat to dry, turned around and found THIS:

Cat hair and Chicken Legs all over my sweater! Yikes!

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