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Sock Yarn!

I was very excited to win sock yarn from Star-Knits and it arrived today!!! This was a contest for one of her Knitting Bags, that she will be selling in her Etsy Store. Krafty1 won the Sock Wars bag and I came in second. The yarn is so lovely! I feel like I got the first prize! Thank you so much Allena!

The Chicken Legs are enamored with it and are trying to stake their claim. I think they want to knit themselves socks…

Of course the colors are not exactly represented by my camera, it’s a lovely mix of blues and purples (how does everyone seem to know my favorite colors?)

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Rest in Socks

These pictures above are actually of the socks and packaging I sent. The Chicken Legs didn’t want me to post the pictures before I knew my target had gotten them so I’d ruin the surprise. If you can’t read it, inside the coffin it says “Death by Sock I may be dead but my toes are Warm!”

And I’m very happy to say that I didn’t mis-fire and they fit! Isotope Knitter very kindly sent me a photo. I’m psyched to see it, I don’t get to see my knitting on the people I give it to!

Here are a couple more “before” pictures of my weapon…

Unfortunately, I was notified at work that my death was waiting for me when I got home!

ARGGGG!!! I wish it could have gone on longer! It was definitely fun while it lasted. Thank you unraveledgal…though death came on fleet wings, tis a lovely, lovely death. They are just beautiful and in my favorite colors! And as you can see in the last photo, they fit well, too!

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Discharged Weapon

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Kill or Be Killed!

So I have entered myself in the

bloodiest death-by-knitting tournament!

Sock Wars III kicks off today and I’m ready!

The Chicken Legs are a little wary of this but they are highly amused that I (being focused on getting my weapons polished and my ammo (yarn) untangled) completely forgot to bring my camera with me today. So I will update later with pictures, whether they are bad camera phone pics or not remains to be seen…

On a related note, Allena is giving away an unofficial Sock Wars bag! Her bags are very cute and she said after the wars start she’ll be putting them up (sans Sock War logo) up on her etsy site.

Good Luck to all that are participating!!! But Watch Your Backs, The Chicken Legs and I might be behind you!!! (and boy, will they laugh when I’m killed!)

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Field Trip!

Aside from last weekend being “graduation weekend” for the University, The Chicken Legs got to go on a trip with my dh. They were very excited to be able to go with him. What was the occasion for the trip, you may ask?

Botcon 2008 was held in Cincinnati, Ohio this year. It was nice that it wasn’t very far from us. Last year it was in Rhode Island! For anyone not familiar with Botcon (which I definitely was not until I met my dh 🙂 ) it’s the annual convention dedicated to The Transformers (the toys) by Hasbro, Inc.

I’m not sure why The Chicken Legs wanted a picture of this bell, they won’t tell me and we’re in the midst of a ferocious Thunderstorm and I don’t want to call dh to find out.

I’m thinking that the bell might be in the building where they had the convention. I think The Chicken Legs were impressed with the building. As you can see, it was held in the Duke Energy Center.

The highlight of the weekend, The Chicken Legs told me was being able to meet some of the voice actors for the cartoons!

They met David Kaye, voice of Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Lugnut and News Bot in the Transformers Animated series.

This is Bumper Robinson, who is the voice of Bumblebee, Blitzwing and Porter C. Powell in Transformers Animated.

And they were very excited to meet Tara Strong, who was Sari in Transformers Animated, Raven in Teen Titans but the coolest (in my opinion) is Bubbles in Powerpuff Girls! ‘Course dh says I’m like Bubbles, can’t think of why… 😉

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So last weekend the Seniors graduated from the University and while the business of the University is teaching the students it is a very nice change to be able to walk out on campus without having to worry about if it’s class change and getting run over by the kids trying to get to their next class.

Usually this event happens without disturbing the main campus areas but this year the Football Stadium is under renovation and the students had their ceremony at the hub of central campus, The Diag. It was quite a production. Here are some pictures of the preparations, I’ll get some pictures of what it normally looks like sometime later.

This grey stuff is plastic flooring…it reminded me of Legos the way they clicked together.

And then they put out the chairs…

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