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Now I can’t wait to do the blank on the left!

The other 2 are my girlfriend’s…

We’re puffing a bit but they’re done!  The Pink Polka Dots “Jersey” came out different than I thought but I like them!  Here’s what the blank looked like if you’re just visiting for the first time or don’t remember:

The Chicken Legs like the yellow!  😉


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One of the highlights of the Fest this year was the Ravelry Meetup on Saturday!  If you haven’t checked out Ravelry yet, go!  It’s a great place to feed your fibery addiction creativity! It was so cool to meet everyone and make new friends!

Gals getting Ravelry Buttons, sorry neither The Chicken Legs nor I got your names...leave me a comment!

Knitwithsnot was kind enough to bring Ravelry Buttons for people!  Thanks!!  I was excited to get one.  🙂



The Chicken Legs were having quite a time meeting all the people!  We met Imochan (I’m looking forward to that road trip to Threadbear, Imochan!), CoggieTM, Beachbump, and Kaostling:


Imochan is on the left, CoggieTM the right.  🙂

Beachbump is in peach, Kostling in blue

Beachbump is in peach, Kostling in blue

We also met Teejtc at the meetup but I didn’t get a picture.  Sorry!  And while shopping I met Outdoorsman and Soulbabe, they’re taking care of the Clinton Woolen Mill II.

It was lovely meeting you all and The Chicken Legs can’t wait for the next opportunity to meet again!

All the names used in this post are Ravelry screen names, in case you have an account yourself and wish to look anyone up.  🙂

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I took 3 classes at the festival this year.  Glass Bead Making, beginning and advanced and Spinning Bunny.  All were very fun.  The Glass Bead Making was with Susan from Susan’s Fiber Shop.

The Chicken Legs decided to relax in the tent for the next two days when they realized that fire was an integral part of the bead making…

They came back at the end of the first day to see what I made.

And here’s all of them together after the second day and after I strung them together:

The Chicken Legs want me to tell you that of course I didn’t make the silver beads, the silver bracelet is a “Pandora” knockoff and the little silver goat bead was from a trip to Glacier National Park last year.  🙂

The third class I took was with Patsy Zawistoski.  If you ever have a chance to take a class with her, do it!  I learned so much about spinning from her.  We learned to spin angora (german, english, french and giant breeds) straight as well as blended (with tussoh silk and merino) with hand cards and also a comercial top.  It was very well organized and fun!

The Chicken Legs thought they might try the wheel, but they had trouble reaching…

Here are a couple of my classmates that The Chicken Legs met.

Nancy is on the right and Eileen on the left.

And I was very fortunate to have Jan (ravelry link) sitting beside me.  It’s so nice to have someone so friendly and helpful sitting next to you!  Thanks Jan!

We came out of the class with a really cool sample page,

that’s tufts of the unspun sample fiber at the top, and the plyed singles.  All the writing in between is information on what the fiber is, how you spun it, what your impressions were of it.  See what I mean about organized?!  Lovely!  And I did have a spun sample for that last tuft but I don’t know where it went, I’m hoping it’s mixed in with my spinning stuff.  But if not that’s ok, we each got little bags of the same fibers so I could spin up another little sample!  Boy, do I love angora!  And The Chicken Legs agree…

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This was my second year going to the Michigan Fiber Fest and The Chicken Legs first and boy did we have a blast!! I’m still trying to sort myself out after all the riotous fun so I’ll be posting about my trip bit by bit. 🙂

We left Tuesday afternoon and the first big decision was where to put the tent. I, being the Mistress of Indecision, drove around the fair THREE times before settling on a spot. By my third lap I bet people were wondering who the crazy person in the Subaru was, arguing with a pair of Chicken Legs. They said to just drop it anywhere! I did make a mistake though. Since I was setting up the tent in the evening I missed the fact that the trees to the east wouldn’t create much of a shadow for me until about 6 pm or so. Yup, I managed to put my tent in full sun for most of the day. Sigh.

It was quite toasty at lunch time. But I must say the Coleman 5 day cooler I got (you can see it to the left of The Chicken Legs in the bottom picture under the tent “screen room”) that was in full sun for much of the day that I lamely attempted to cover with whatever was handy to keep the sun off of it – see the orange chair bag on top worked very well and I still had large chunks of block ice (floating in a ton of cold water) on Sunday when I emptied it out at home.

Thought the tent heated up like an oven and I had to find shade to eat my lunch, the sun was good because I also brought a home-made solar cooker with me. I cooked hot dogs for lunch one day. I put them in right after breakfast and they were done by lunch. It was very nice to come back to a warm meal all done! And heated water from about 12-6 for tea. It worked amazingly well. In fact I’d love to use it at home but we only have about a 4 x 4 foot square of sunshine that moves across our backyard…oh well.

I took 3 classes, 2 on glass bead making and one on Spinning Bunny. Yum! I love angora! I’ll put pictures up for that tomorrow. 🙂

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Of course you know since I just finished a pair of socks…I must start another pair! And since I have 2 skeins of dyed Knit Picks blanks screaming at me everyday, yes even though they are hidden in the Yarn Wardrobe…

One of my friends from Tuesday Knit Night said “knit the Tour de France Socks!” I cast on for these within 10 minutes of kitchnering the Rainbow Socks closed. I had to weave in ends… The Chicken Legs laughed at me for casting on so fast, but hey! I thought I did good, not casting on until I finished BOTH of the rainbow socks! I usually don’t have that much willpower in the face of new yarn.

Here is a picture of where I was this morning:

I took this picture before I went to work, The Chicken Legs weren’t out of their bed yet!

The first picture was taken on Tuesday the 5th, I cast on Sunday night. I love it when socks go fast! I’m so anxious to see what the yarn is going to do next. 🙂

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Rainbow Socks!

I just completed the Rainbow Sock pattern! Yea! I think they came out really well. I used ONline Supersocke 100 Tropic Color 81, color number 925 (second sock from the top right) and japanese short rows for the pattern repeats. I did do japanese short rows for one of the heels but hated dealing with all the pins and used a wrap-n-turn without picking up the wraps on the other one (learned at a Lucy Neatby class), I don’t think anyone will notice unless they are 2 inches from my heels. 🙂

I think the only things I might change next time is adding some more stitches, they’re a bit tight, and taking out the bit where you knit all stitches around in the middle of your short row heel. I did do some modifications to the toe in this pair, I made it longer when I realized they were narrow and short. I wrote my modifications (for the japanese short rows and the longer toe) up in my Ravelry project.

The best thing about these socks is that I got to learn and practice some new skills. This was the first time I used Magic Loop for the whole project and I practiced my continental knitting. But the coolest thing I learned (in my mind) was knitting backwards! I hated the thought of turning the work for all those short rows! 😯

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