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Nap Time


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Knitting Update

I have been knitting right along but after those 3 day sock-war socks, things are moving along so slowly I feel like I’m knitting through molasses! I’m working on two different projects currently. The first is called Unmentionables, K-9 was there wanting a cameo:

I’m using the CotLin from KnitPicks. I like it so far. My swatch washed up nicely. The only thing is that it has been shedding linen threads all over me as I knit. And I think this project feels so slow because it’s just straight stockinette in the round…round and round and round… I’m sure you get my drift. Though I am proud to say that I knit almost 8 inches of the leg while watching the new Indiana Jones movie in the theater and didn’t make a mistake!!

The second project I’ve been working on (primarily my bus project) is the Rainbow Socks:

This one I did 6 repeats of the pattern trying to get the short rows to look good and finally got it using Japanese Short Rows that I learned from nonaKnits. I’m struggling a bit with them on the heel but I think the leg looks great.

And again K-9 was right there helping us out…

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Of course…

I recently bought a yummy Land’s End sweater at a thrift store. It had a few moth holes in it and once I fixed it. I washed it using that Eucalan Wool Wash (nice stuff, that.) laid it flat to dry, turned around and found THIS:

Cat hair and Chicken Legs all over my sweater! Yikes!

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Playing Nice

It’s nice to know that my kitty Taz and The Chicken Legs get along.

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It All Started When…

It all started in February when I decided to knit the “Which Came First?” pattern by Anna of Mochimochi Land in Craft: Volume 6. I knit all the bits and chuckled when I got to the part about “Knit the chicken parts.” Little did I know, when I finished the last bit, the legs, that they would make me laugh so much that I couldn’t finish the project because I didn’t want to give up the legs and sew them on the chicken!

Our cat K-9 was snuggled in my lap when I finished the legs and they immediately wanted to stand on his head…

On K-9's head... On K-9's head...

On K-9's head...

I’m not sure K-9 thought it was as funny as I did!

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