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This was my second year going to the Michigan Fiber Fest and The Chicken Legs first and boy did we have a blast!! I’m still trying to sort myself out after all the riotous fun so I’ll be posting about my trip bit by bit. 🙂

We left Tuesday afternoon and the first big decision was where to put the tent. I, being the Mistress of Indecision, drove around the fair THREE times before settling on a spot. By my third lap I bet people were wondering who the crazy person in the Subaru was, arguing with a pair of Chicken Legs. They said to just drop it anywhere! I did make a mistake though. Since I was setting up the tent in the evening I missed the fact that the trees to the east wouldn’t create much of a shadow for me until about 6 pm or so. Yup, I managed to put my tent in full sun for most of the day. Sigh.

It was quite toasty at lunch time. But I must say the Coleman 5 day cooler I got (you can see it to the left of The Chicken Legs in the bottom picture under the tent “screen room”) that was in full sun for much of the day that I lamely attempted to cover with whatever was handy to keep the sun off of it – see the orange chair bag on top worked very well and I still had large chunks of block ice (floating in a ton of cold water) on Sunday when I emptied it out at home.

Thought the tent heated up like an oven and I had to find shade to eat my lunch, the sun was good because I also brought a home-made solar cooker with me. I cooked hot dogs for lunch one day. I put them in right after breakfast and they were done by lunch. It was very nice to come back to a warm meal all done! And heated water from about 12-6 for tea. It worked amazingly well. In fact I’d love to use it at home but we only have about a 4 x 4 foot square of sunshine that moves across our backyard…oh well.

I took 3 classes, 2 on glass bead making and one on Spinning Bunny. Yum! I love angora! I’ll put pictures up for that tomorrow. 🙂


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My parents were in town last week on the way to one of their Airstream Caravans. They are going on “Springtime in Kentucky” where they tour Kentucky and get to see the Kentucky Derby. They drove to my place a week before the caravan trip and we were able to see the Dalai Lama speak. There were no cameras (or much of anything, though I did manage my wood dpns and a little sock yarn for more slugs!) allowed into the building, so there are no pictures but there is a video of the lecture if anyone is interested. He has a pretty good sense of humor. 🙂

So other than the Dalai Lama, we found a few other fun things to do around town. We went to the Kiwanis Club Thrift Sale. They have it every Saturday and they have EVERYTHING. The Chicken Legs liked that little house…

I told my mom that I didn’t think I’d have to go to a retail store again if I didn’t want to!

Check out the book the Chicken Legs found…

If I didn’t already have my signed copy…

Saturday night we went to the Redford Theater to see a silent movie. Buster Keaton in the Electric House. Very Funny!

Little did we realize that it was actually the 80th birthday of the Redford and there was music, dancing, and cake along with the silent movie! We even found a little theater organ, just the right size for The Chicken Legs.

The Redford has been very nicely renovated, it has a lovely oriental theme.

We spend a day on campus going to various museums and exhibits. Two were closed , one apparently isn’t open on Mondays and the other was still being renovated. We did get to see a very nice photography exhibit called “Looks Given/Looks Taken” at the Institute of Humanities,

and had fun running around the Natural History Museum.

A dugout canoe

I thought The Chicken Legs got a little cocky at the Prehistoric Exhibit…

They seems a little awed by the Tundra Swan, but liked the other birds just fine.

Of course where we’re at, you have to stop and look at the Wolverine.

The Chicken Legs had fun exploring the Giant Clam.

My Favorite was the petrified wood.

And on a random note, we had lunch at BW3s where I found out that “mild” is really much too hot for me!

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Cedar Wax Wings

When we were coming back to the office from lunch, we saw the trees around our building were filled with Cedar Wax Wings. I love Cedar Wax Wings. They are lovely birds.

So I ran into the office and grabbed my camera. The Chicken Legs wanted to come see.

“Did you know,” The Chicken Legs asked, “that Cedar Wax Wings are susceptible to getting drunk and dying from eating fermented fruit?”

We sat outside and tried to get a good shot. It seemed like there were at least a hundred birds.

Then The Chicken Legs decided to try to get a closer look and they climbed into the tree. They got a pretty good look.

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