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Sock Fun

So the Chicken Legs were very excited to meet Cookie A (who you may recognize from Knitty with her fun patterns such as Monkey and Pomatomus among many others!).

We took a sock designing class from her at Threadbear on Saturday and had a lovely time.  The Chicken Legs were inspired by all her samples and now I think they are plotting to get into my stash and design socks for themselves!


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The Chicken Legs think this next pair of socks might be a little big…

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Now I can’t wait to do the blank on the left!

The other 2 are my girlfriend’s…

We’re puffing a bit but they’re done!  The Pink Polka Dots “Jersey” came out different than I thought but I like them!  Here’s what the blank looked like if you’re just visiting for the first time or don’t remember:

The Chicken Legs like the yellow!  😉

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Of course you know since I just finished a pair of socks…I must start another pair! And since I have 2 skeins of dyed Knit Picks blanks screaming at me everyday, yes even though they are hidden in the Yarn Wardrobe…

One of my friends from Tuesday Knit Night said “knit the Tour de France Socks!” I cast on for these within 10 minutes of kitchnering the Rainbow Socks closed. I had to weave in ends… The Chicken Legs laughed at me for casting on so fast, but hey! I thought I did good, not casting on until I finished BOTH of the rainbow socks! I usually don’t have that much willpower in the face of new yarn.

Here is a picture of where I was this morning:

I took this picture before I went to work, The Chicken Legs weren’t out of their bed yet!

The first picture was taken on Tuesday the 5th, I cast on Sunday night. I love it when socks go fast! I’m so anxious to see what the yarn is going to do next. 🙂

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Rainbow Socks!

I just completed the Rainbow Sock pattern! Yea! I think they came out really well. I used ONline Supersocke 100 Tropic Color 81, color number 925 (second sock from the top right) and japanese short rows for the pattern repeats. I did do japanese short rows for one of the heels but hated dealing with all the pins and used a wrap-n-turn without picking up the wraps on the other one (learned at a Lucy Neatby class), I don’t think anyone will notice unless they are 2 inches from my heels. 🙂

I think the only things I might change next time is adding some more stitches, they’re a bit tight, and taking out the bit where you knit all stitches around in the middle of your short row heel. I did do some modifications to the toe in this pair, I made it longer when I realized they were narrow and short. I wrote my modifications (for the japanese short rows and the longer toe) up in my Ravelry project.

The best thing about these socks is that I got to learn and practice some new skills. This was the first time I used Magic Loop for the whole project and I practiced my continental knitting. But the coolest thing I learned (in my mind) was knitting backwards! I hated the thought of turning the work for all those short rows! 😯

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The Painting of the Socks

We lucked out this Saturday when the predicted afternoon thunder storms decided to make an early morning appearance and leave the rest of the day clear! The Chicken Legs and I hauled all my dyeing equipment to my girlfriends house and we had a dyeing party.

We had bought some of Knit Picks new Sock Blanks to play with and I brought along some undyed yarn that I had sitting around waiting for me to be spontaneously creative with.

If you look close you can see the yellow string in there? I ran some crochet cotton through the live stitches on both ends of the sock blanks. I could totally see them unraveling on us!

The Chicken Legs admired my girlfriends yarn. The blue in the jar was a gradated dyeing attempt. We flew by the seat of our pants on that one, I forgot to bring directions on that… 😮

Here are our final products:

In the left picture the 2 sock blanks to the left are mine, and in the right picture the 3 skeins to the right are mine. 🙂

When I got home, they were still wet so I put them out in the back yard to dry and of course took more pictures:

Guess what I’m calling this? Yup! Le Tour de France colorway. Get it? I tried to represent the 4 colored jerseys that are awarded during the race. I was a little overenthusiastic with the color though…I don’t really have enough white space…

After a long day of dyeing, I think I wore The Chicken Legs out.

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Knitting Update

I have been knitting right along but after those 3 day sock-war socks, things are moving along so slowly I feel like I’m knitting through molasses! I’m working on two different projects currently. The first is called Unmentionables, K-9 was there wanting a cameo:

I’m using the CotLin from KnitPicks. I like it so far. My swatch washed up nicely. The only thing is that it has been shedding linen threads all over me as I knit. And I think this project feels so slow because it’s just straight stockinette in the round…round and round and round… I’m sure you get my drift. Though I am proud to say that I knit almost 8 inches of the leg while watching the new Indiana Jones movie in the theater and didn’t make a mistake!!

The second project I’ve been working on (primarily my bus project) is the Rainbow Socks:

This one I did 6 repeats of the pattern trying to get the short rows to look good and finally got it using Japanese Short Rows that I learned from nonaKnits. I’m struggling a bit with them on the heel but I think the leg looks great.

And again K-9 was right there helping us out…

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